50 Shades of Lucy Chatterbox – Coming Soon …..

London, 1940.

The grand-daughter of legendary Lady Chatterbox, Lucy, is working as an Ambulance driver in the bombed out streets of London. She shares rooms with a young nurse, the promiscuous Chastity Compton. Chastity is a stunning, peroxide blonde and a damn good nurse to have in your ambulance or a tight spot.

The old house in which our heroines have been billeted has extensive gardens. James, a handsome young man, turned down for active duty because of a gammy leg, is hired as a gardener.

Has Lucy inherited her grandmother’s love of rough and rugged men?

Will Chastity use her peroxide blonde hair, ruby red lips and tight fitting nurse’s uniform to lure him into a tight spot?

Will the bombs ever stop dropping?

Will the damn war ever end?

Coming soon to a monitor near you – “50 Shades of Lucy Chatterbox – The London Blitz Years”. A gripping tale of women in war, driving fast ambulances, dodging bombs, saving lives and bearing witness to the horrors of wartime fashions, first hand.

50 Shades of Lady Chatterbox – Part 7 – Season 1 Finale

He was in his special place now. Mind clear and free, doing what he was best at – or second best at – pruning a tree.

As she approached, her mouth was dry, she was feeling warm. Was it the heat of the day?  Was it simply being in his presence?

“How was the visit to Lady Carstairs? A fruitful one I hope.”

He stopped and turned to face her. “Yes ma’am, very fruitful”

“I was surprised when she asked for you, she has such a wonderful garden already. However, I’m sure you will improve it no end.”  She glanced at his firm body, her pulse started to race.

Typically self-deprecating when it came to singing his own praises “I can’t say that ma’am. But I do know she has some grand ideas. I feel that a few visits may not achieve all she desires.”

Lady Chatterbox seemed unconcerned. “Well, she is a good friend, and pleasing her doesn’t hurt one’s own standing in the community. I shall discuss it with her.  Of course, only if you wish to, I don’t want you to feel pressured into it”

“Not at all ma’am, it would be a great pleasure to help in any way I can.”

She smiled “Good. And a little variety should be good for you too.”

“One bush is the same as the next to me ma’am.”

Again she smiled. His blue eyes were alive, dancing in the sunlight, and she swore she could see a smile. She felt herself blush and thought it best to leave.

He returned to his pruning, looking forward to Thursday.

50 Shades of Lady Chatterbox – Part 6

He needed no tool to prune this bush. At last, something he could get his teeth into. His years of toil in grand gardens had given him the strength and stamina for this beauty.

A few more inches then he could put this one to bed.

Lady Carstairs, eyes wide, mouth slightly open, made a small sigh. “No, just a little more to the left darling. A little more, a little more.”  Just as she was beginning to lose patience, he would smile a little, showing the tips of his teeth. He eyes would light up and she would melt. A dedicated, single minded man. She had to admire that.  And she was hoping he would be as good as she imagined, no wished.  “Not there darling, just a little farther back, a few more inches”

He was sweating already, and the real work hadn’t yet begun.  “THERE!!!”  Well, he thought, if this is were she wants it, this is were she’s going to get it.

Tool in hand, he got to work.  What joy. What bliss.  Lady Carstairs could not keep her eyes off him. His golden biceps, glistening in the sunlight, stretched to bursting. His handsome, rugged face was strong and determined.  His mind was currently focused on one objective. To give pleasure.

Yes, pleasure, that’s all he had ever wanted to give. Joy and pleasure.  Lady Carstairs closed her eyes, opened her mouth slightly. She was feeling feint.  He dug deep, very deep. She was impressed. ‘This young man certainly knew how to use his tool’

“Aghhh” “Oooooh”  “Oh,oh,oh”

Concern was apparant on her face. ‘Had he hurt his back, pulled a muscle?’. But then she felt it too. “Good Lord, oh my good Lord!”

How nice when it happens simultaneously, she though, a very rare occurance. “Now, if you would be so good as to help me down from the wall”  He held out his hand to assist. “Of course ma’am”

She was face to face with him how. She smiled. “Now that you’ve done what you came here for, I think for the sake of appearances, you should do just a little gardening.  Don’t you?”  His reply was immediate and direct, “Of course, ma’am.”

And with that, he turned and walked away to do some pruning.

50 Shades of Lady Chatterbox – Part 5

He had not forgotten about afternoon tea, so earlier that morning, had placed a table on the West Wing Terrace. He had then retreated for a while to a sheltered observation point.  This allowed him to indulge in his favourite past-time, posh-people watching. Standing in this secluded spot with his tool in hand, he watched as the ladies walked out onto the terrace.

He remembered Cordelia well from the last gathering, but again, he would not be wearing a shirt today. Too hot for that. She would be displeased, but she was not his employer.  He didn’t think he would ever be able to like that woman.

Next came quiet, shy Sarah. Wife of the local vicar. A marriage yet to be consummated, if he was a betting man. Still she was sweet and charming in her own way.  He imagined she would be quite a handsome woman if she was to make more of an effort, but as a vicar’s wife, he assumed, the plain look came with the position.

Then Lady Carstairs appeared, a woman in her prime. Confident, handsome and looking far younger than her forty four years. She had outlived two titled husbands.  Rumour in the village was that it was her voracious appetite in the bedroom that had widowed her.  ‘Chance would be a fine thing’ he thought.

He made his way to some trees that needed pruning, directly in their line of sight.

The ladies were quick to arrange themselves with a view of the garden, leaving Lady Chatterbox seated with her back to it. With her back to him!

Lady Carstairs was the first to speak, as usual.  “Certainly a big improvement on the last time darling. Your gardener has an extraordinary talent for it.”  She had not taken her eyes off him since entering the garden.

“Yes, there is still much to be done, but he’s out here everyday…”  “And topless again I see!” Cordelia exclaimed.  “It’s quite unsightly.”

“You do talk nonsense” retorted Lady Carstairs. “It must be almost ninety degrees. You can’t expect a man to do hard labour in this heat, wearing a shirt and tie.”

“A gentleman would” and with that Cordelia took an eclair and bit into it savagely. As she chewed, she glanced at him again. The thoughts that filled her head were what really offended her. How she longed for him.

“I think a man should be comfortable in his work” were the words softly spoken by Sarah.  “Well said darling”, said Lady Carstairs, louder than she should have.  Sarah’s breathing became a little erratic, she quickly took her eyes off the rugged gardener, hoping no-one had seen her.

As they sat eating cakes and drinking tea, Lady Carstairs watched him as he pruned a tree. A strong boy that one. Handsome too, very much so. The things she would like to do with him. She lent forward, then without really thinking, she spoke, “I want your gardener!”

Lady Chatterbox almost choked on a mouthful of tea, but managed to restrain herself “I’m sorry Cordelia?”  Lady Carstairs continued, “One day a week. Say ….. Thursday?  My garden could do with a little attention before the party season starts. Not too much, just a some light pruning.  It would only be for a few weeks or so”  Lady Chatterbox wasn’t sure how to respond. She didn’t own him, but then again, she was his employer.  Lady Carstairs continued, “I’ll happily pay you darling, he is your man, after all.”

She hated being placed on the spot, “I’m sure Thursday’s will be fine, if it’s not too many”.  Lady Carstairs smiled, nodded in an agreeing way, then continued to sip her tea.  Sarah and Cordelia feigned shock, but secretly maintained envy. “He will need to bring his tool, unless he can prune a bush with his teeth” They all smiled and that seemed to break the tension.

Only a few yards away, he had heard that statement quite clearly.  Smiling to himself, he continued to prune.

50 Shades of Lady Chatterbox – Part 4

That wonderful vista expanded before her. That rippling torso made golden by endless hours in the blazing sun.

Effortlessly, he balanced himself with his left hand whilst his right hand held his extensive tool. Her heart skipped a beat. She fought for breath.

His initial probing was gentle to begin with. Then he penetrated. She held back a gasp.  What a man!  What a powerful, incredible man. Again he plunged, this time deeper, much deeper.  She was amazed how deep he could go. She tried to moisten her lips with her tongue, but it too was dry. She needed water.

He didn’t stop. It was his mission to satisfy her, and he would continue until he had done so. The air was thick with the smell of him now, and she drank it in. Savouring the moment.  He was in his physical prime, and he kept going. Relentlessly he pursued his eventual aim. The finish. To bring this to a satisfactory climax.

The heat was stifling, “Are you nearly done?” she said.  Sweat poured from him now. His mouth parted “Almost ma’am”.  She wanted to smile. This was hardly a time for formalities. She thought best of it, and enjoyed the site of him rocking back and forth, penetrating deeper and deeper, as if his life depended on it.

The air rang out with squelching and sucking noises. Lady Chatterbox exclaimed “Oh my good lord, I am so sorry”.  His retort held a comforting tone, “It’s normal ma’am, nearly there now”.

He let out a short gasp, then withdrew, tool in hand.  She smiled, “That was quite wonderful”

“I do not seek praise ma’am. It was but a blocked drain and now it is clear. She will flow freely now.”  He smiled and turned to walk away.

She called after him “You haven’t forgotten about my friends coming over for afternoon tea tomorrow?”

He was too far away.

50 Shades of Lady Chatterbox – Part 3

She was running now.  Running like she had never run before.

Into the trees she ran. She ran as fast as she could. “Away, I must get away” She stumbled, but did not fall, sheer momentum kept her going.  Her heart pounded in her chest. The fear was in her now. It was real. It was close. Hide. Must find somewhere to hide.

Cracking sounds filled the air from somewhere behind.

She paused. Looked left, then right.  “No, don’t look round. Do not turn around”  Ignoring her own advice, she looked around. Nothing.

That made it worse. Again she ran. The vegetation reached out for purchase at her legs, trying to stop her, condemning her to her fate. She could not stop. She would not stop.

Her eyes darted left and right as she ran.  The taste of fear was rising into her mouth now.  Beads of sweat ran down her reddened face.

If only he was here. He would know what to do. He would protect her from this. Oh god, what would he think of her? How would he react? It wasn’t her fault. He would understand that.

Then it happen. A wonderful site presented itself amongst the endless sea of tall trees. A solitary bush. A hiding place. She crouched down behind the bush.  Silent, she kept very silent.

Another sound pierced the air. She froze. ”Please, please go away. Leave me in peace,” she screamed inside.


She tilted her head back and looked up to the sky.  The canopy of trees, high above her, gave shelter from the baking sun of this intensely hot summer.  Light danced through the canopy as it bounced off leaves floating in the gentle breeze.

Her mouth opened, as if to scream, but only a deep sigh made the exit.  The silence was then broken by the sound of running water.

After relieving herself, she stood, and calmly walked away, leaving this sorry incident behind her.

50 Shades of Lady Chatterbox – Part 2

At last he was close, so close she could feel his warm breath on her neck.  His well developed torso, tanned by endless hours in the garden, glistened as the sunlight danced across it.  Beads of sweat, ran all the way down his chest and stomach, then disappeared to a sacred place.

A shiver shot down her spine.  So strong. So powerful.  Her mind began to race. Oh, the things he could do with such a willing accomplise.  She would be so willing.

The electricity was tangible.  Her right hand reached out and took hold of something she had not felt for many years. She took a firm grasp, cupping the solid, smooth shaft. Gently, she ran her hand down its entire length.

The heat was intense. Sweat ran down the side of his face. His eyes were fixed on hers, but gave away nothing. Silent. Deep. She liked that.

She lent her head back slowly, and allowed herself to get lost in the moment.  Her lips parted and the tip of her tongue moistened them.

He moved slowly, then taking her left hand in his, he uttered. “Are you ready ma’am?”

Her mouth was dry from the heat. A single bead of sweat ran down her neck. When she was able to speak, the sound was barely audible “Yes, I’m ready”

He lifted his hand, still holding hers, and placed both against the wall “You put the nail here, then you hit it with that hammer. The picture can then be placed over it.”  She nodded her understanding.

“There’s pruning to be done.” With that, he retreated to attend to his beloved garden.

50 Shades of Lady Chatterbox – Part 1

He entered the room, tool in hand.  His sweating torso glistening as it caught the mid-day sun through the window.  He got to work fast.  Within seconds his fingers were caressing a perfect sphere. Lady Chatterbox took a short, sharp breath, hoping he wouldn’t notice.  Her pupils dilated. The anticipation of what was to come excited her.  She could feel her heart pounding in her chest.  Then in one, quick movement he penetrated. She grasped at the hem of her dress, clenching her fingers so tight, they turned white at the knuckles.

The heat, my god, the heat.

Sweat ran from his brow.  Hot, so very, very hot.

She longed every day for this moment. The joy it gave her.  For a few minutes, she could forget about the burning heat, and think only of the elicit pleasure she would gain from having such wonderful, firm flesh in her mouth.

He withdrew his glistening tool and whispered dryly, “are you ready ma’am?”.  She nodded slowly, her eyes fixed on his, and uttered “yes, I’m ready”.

He then sliced the melon into quarters and handed Lady Chatterbox two slices on a plate, wiped his hunting knife on his trousers, before retreating to his beloved garden.